Because I’m never gonna actually finish the elaborate writeup…

…here’s my brief Top 10 Albums of 2008 List. It’s almost September, it’s time for me to acknowledge my laziness and just post a shitty quick list.

11. TIE: Jex ThothJex Thoth / TorcheMeanderthal
Alright, my list changed a bit from my initial write-up, but these two albums were too badass to drop off the list completely. Both are very chill, relaxing albums.
10. Amon AmarthTwilight Of The Thunder God
It’s Amon Amarth. You get what you expect. And what you expect is solid, badass viking metal
9. Amanda PalmerWho Killed Amanda Palmer
WHAT SOMETHING NOT METAL NO WAY. Amanda Fucking Palmer is amazing, enough said.
8. Ayreon01011001
Fuck yeah, binary. Great concept album
7. The FacelessPlanetary Duality
These guys are sick. If Cynic hadn’t reformed and put out a new album this year, I’d be heralding them as the next Cynic.
6. NachtmystiumAssassins: Black Meddle Part I
Psychedelic Black Metal? Yes, please.
5. GojiraThe Way Of All Flesh
Very heavy. How heavy? So heavy.
4. KralliceKrallice
Fantastic atmospheric black metal, from America of all places! And so are Nachtmystium! See, Norway? We can do it too!
3. CynicTraced In Air
Fucking astounding return from a legendary band. Sadly, not as good as Focus. But still awesome!
2. EnslavedVertebrae
More Psychadelic Black Metal! These guys have been around forever, and they just keep getting better and better
1. AgallochThe White
I listen to this album at least once a week, and so should you. It’s that good. Very mellow instrumental stuff, nothing like their other work. Seriously. If you like music of any kind, you need to listen to this fucking album.


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